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Recently, Emma and Lauren who are girls from my A.P Human Geography class and I walked around town and passed out fliers for the cooking class that we are helping host. We went to the local library, an antique shop and the QFC grocery store. At each of those locations, we were able to get fliers hung up to help get the word out about the cooking class, which helps people who are wanting to learn how to cook healthy, nutritious affordable meals.

(Pictured is Emma, Lauren and I in front of a local QFC grocery store.)

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(Also here is a Picture of one of the fliers hung up on the QFC bulletin Board. )

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The spring fair is just around the corner and I’m super excited to show my two hogs Wilber and Charlotte that I have been raising for the past 5 months. My little piggies are not so little anymore and have grown tremendously over the past few months. They started out as little 60 pound piglets and are now pushing the weight limit for fair and weigh about 268 pounds. The weight limit for showing at the spring fair is 225 pounds to 285 pounds. The spring fair is in 14 days from today, so I’m super nervous because I do not want my pigs to be overweight on weigh in day at the fair which is the day before fair starts. Also if your pig is over or under weight then you can not show your animal at fair and you will be sent home with your pig. To show a pig you must make sure that they are not rotting in the ground, this just means that while you are in the show ring your pig must keep its head up. Also the make the pig turn left or right you just have to tap their side with a whip or cane then hope that they are listing to you because sometimes actually most of the time they have a mind of their own and just bolt out in front of you while you are walking them. Did you know that pigs bark and it sounds just like a dog? Well, I did not until the day that I let my pigs out of their pen to practice walking them. It was the funniest thing because they started barking and moving at a million miles a minute, Wilber and Charlotte were running all over the yard. When pigs run their legs almost stick straight out with no bend at all. Both front legs at the same time and then the back legs at the same time. While the pigs are running my dog stares at them, she probably thinking what the heck are these things and why are they doing that. At times the Wilder and Charlotte like to test their boundaries and walk up to my dog and sniff her, one time Charlotte even bit her tail! Luckily it was just the end fluffy part of her tail because my dog is a golden retriever and the bit only pulled out some fur. It is going to be sad for me to watch my pigs leave on the slaughter truck on the last day of fair because Wilber and Charlotte have such a funny personality,  but after they are gone the only thing that I will be thinking about is how yummy good they are going to taste!

Washington State Spring Fair – Link

(Here are some pictures of my pigs Wilber is a boy and he is on the left. Charlotte is a girl and she is on the right and absolutely loves water and the black thing that she is playing with in the picture.)


2 thoughts on “Whats New

  1. Your blog is amazing Mchaela! The picture of your pigs were a nice touch, and I liked the idea of showing the pictures from the stores you went to but I couldn’t open them. The small details in your blogs is what made it so good, such as showing the personalities in your pigs and sharing short stories of them made me want to read more. Great job!


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